Selling a farm is an involved and complex task.

Corn CribSome of the points to be considered are:

  • What time of year should you be selling a farm?
  • Should you do a public auction, traditional listing or other method of sale?
  • Will you want to reinvest the sales proceeds via a 1031 exchange?
  • Should the farm be surveyed?
  • Should the farm be divided into multiple tracts?
  • Is there a current lease in force?
  • What about verbal leases?

  • How does CRP or CREP affect the sale?
  • How will the farm be marketed?
  • Can we pull in outside investors?

Selling a farm? John can help.I’m John Leezer and I have over 30-years experience in selling farmland. I have extensive experience in all aspects of the sales process. If you need help selling a farm, I’m your man.

  • I have sold land by public auction, sealed bid auction and traditional listings.
  • Over the 30 years of my career, I have developed a database of hundreds of potential buyers of farmland including a network of other brokers I work with to maximize the exposure of your farm.
  • I am a member of the REALTORS® LAND INSTITUTE (RLI) and have my Accredited Land Consultant Designation (ALC).


Combing Corn

You may end up selling a farm only a few times in your lifetime.

Selling a farm is a large transaction. It makes sense to have an experienced professional to maximize the sales price and make it a smooth transaction.

“I have seen people try to save money by going it alone, only to loose tens of thousands or even in excess of $100,000 on the sale compared to what the property was worth.”

Why use an Accredited Land Consultant?

Trusting your farm to a regular Realtor®, is kind of like going to a family doc when one of your livestock is sick. If you doubt that, just try asking your cow to say “ahhh.”

Seriously, selling a farm is a specialty and requires in-depth knowledge.

  • One set of knowledge doesn’t automatically translate to the other.
  • The likelihood of a Realtor who specializes in selling houses having the right knowledge is slim.
  • The specialized knowledge needed to understand farm sales is acquired over many years in this business.

Your farmland sales agent needs to understand soil types, rental agreements and government programs, just to name a few. Any of these – mishandled – can prevent you from getting the most for your farm.

What is your farm worth?

Experienced in farm market evaluations, I have the expertise and experience to analyze every aspect of your farm property and help you price it correctly. All the factors listed earlier on this page play a part in the value of your farm.

Should I Do an Auction or a Direct Sale?

I provide both direct sales and auctions. A few years back, auctions began to be a more popular way to sell a farm. However, many of the auctioneers don’t have my extensive knowledge of farmland – so to provide my clients with best options, I added auctions to my farmland experience. If you are undecided, you can count on me to give you my honest opinion as to whether an auction or a direct sale will provide your best return.

If you are selling a farm, or any other type of land (recreational land, timber or pasture), contact John Leezer for a free consultation.