” From Day 1, Mr. John Leezer was the most prepared and most helpful regarding all issues and details, large and small. . . Our family had countless questions throughout the process, and they were always answered and communicated to us promptly in a helpful and professional manner.  His “in-the-moment” auction instincts were remarkable. Start to finish, we could not be more pleased with his management of our transaction.”  Ronald M. Sledge, CPA, CFP


We were very satisfied working with you in our land transaction and with our other businesses.  We felt like we could trust and rely on you and your staff to go the extra mile.”  Satisfied Buyer


With my husband passing away and my decision to sell some farm land, I contacted John Leezer to discuss the procedure. He was so helpful in advising me of the process.  After some discussion with my family, we decided to have John handle our sale. He proceeded with all the details and kept us informed as to the on going process.  This was a very satisfactory experience and I will always be grateful for his help.”  Margaret J. Jones